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Why become a Plumber?

Salary: Starting salary for a newly qualified plumber is between £16,500 and £21,000 per year working for a company. This increases to £25,000 or up to £35,000 with experience (Totaljobs 2014). If you work in London South East the salary can be higher and if you work for yourself then you set your rate and your salary can be £60,000+.

Constant Need: There is a shortage of plumbers in the UK due to the demand of new housing being built – Totaljobs says there is a shortage of over 30,000 plumbers. The number of plumbing jobs advertised over the last 12 months has increased, so there is no better time to become a qualified plumber to start a career and always be in demand.

Exciting Active Career: Rather than being stuck behind a desk all day, plumbers get to work in different environments and work with their hands and actively solve problems. There is rarely a dull moment in plumber s career .

If you wish to change the direction of your career and retrain, or if you are starting your career path, then qualifying to become a plumber with our training providers could lead you to a great salary and job satisfaction.

Why Choose Trades Courses?
  • Trades Courses is one of the largest training portals for the Building and Construction Industry having helped to train over 125,000 people
  • Our certified training providers help you to gain nationally recognised qualifications such as City & Guilds, NVQ and ACS, to help you to become a plumber, electrician, gas engineer, welder or renewable energy engineer
  • Train in state-of-the-art training centres
  • All their tutors are experienced, professional and friendly
  • They offer easy payment options to help you spread the cost of the course and to start your course straight away
  • If you are unsure of which career path to take then our training providers will help you choose the trades career most suited to you
Who do we train?
  • School leavers who wish to start their careers by learning a trade and by gaining recognised qualifications that employers require
  • People who wish to change from their current job and start a new career by learning trade skills
  • Armed forces personnel who have left the military and wish to re-train to allow them to gain entry and employment in the trades sector
  • People who have been made redundant from their previous job and see a career as a trades professional as a new start
  • Unemployed people who wish to start a career in the trades sector
How does it work?
  • Fill in your details by clicking on Request More Info .
  • Depending on the course and where you live our team will find the most suitable training provider for you.
  • The training provider will contact you.

To get more help on the courses:

Please click on ‘Request More Info’ on the button below and one of our national advisors will call you to discuss.

Please Note; we do not share your contact details with any other organisation

What students are saying about us.

I gained an industry-recognised qualification and I was offered a job straight away. Thank you Trades Courses.

The course was a good balance of practical work and course work with great tutors.

Since qualifying I am now working for one of the largest house builders in the UK.

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