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Funktionality is an award winning events company that create dynamic events, conferences and experiences that entertain, communicate and inspire. Our years of extensive knowledge and expertise has set benchmarks for others to follow securing Funktionality as one of Australia’s industry leaders.

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Event Management Company in Sydney

Here at Funktionality we like to take corporate and special events and mould them into unforgettable experiences that can entertain, communicate and inspire. We come highly recommended throughout Sydney and beyond because of our insightful knowledge, creative vision and detailed planning on top of our friendly and reliable service. Our areas of expertise include event management. event co-ordination. decor & styling. theming, conferencing. weddings. custom builds, exhibitions & signage. entertainment and venue sourcing. Our three-storey warehouse and showroom, situated in the heart of Marrickville, Sydney is just bursting with beautiful furniture and styling accessories; all of which is available for you to hire.

Since its inception in the year 2000 to work in conjunction with the Sydney Olympic Games, Funktionality has gone from strength to strength, expanding from a modest decor boutique to an all-encompassing event management company. Specialising in a range of services from event management to event co-ordination and decor hire and styling, today the company enjoys a distinguished place among a variety of event companies in Sydney.

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