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Finding The Best Canadian Credit Card Starts Here.

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Credit card rewards are your ticket to something for nothing – but how do you decide between a rich cash back card or a juicy travel rewards card? Compare credit card offers with our handy search tool, that’s how. In days past, comparing credit card rewards programs involved a lot of high-level number crunching. The GreedyRates rewards calculator cracks the rewards code and delivers the best deals for your personal credit card spend. We rank Canada’s credit cards impartially based on how much they earn you! It’s the smartest and easiest way to find the best credit card Canada has to offer you and maximize your rewards potential.

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Everything you need to compare credit cards is right here on GreedyRates. We update the information on our site daily, to help you find the best credit card deals in Canada. Carry a balance? We’ll help you find the best low rate credit card to manage your purchases if you, woops, forget to pay off your total balance from time to time. Looking for rewards, we’ll help you maximize your earning potential based on how much and where you spend. Finding the best Canadian credit card just got a whole lot easier & smarter.

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